Everest Dark

EVEREST DARK is an epic journey telling a multi-faceted story through the lens of a deeply spiritual man and his unique relationship with the mountain.

More than 300 climbers have perished attempting to summit the earth’s pinnacle. More than 200 bodies remain on the mountain, frozen where they fell.

1/3 of the dead are Sherpas. The Sherpa are a deeply spiritual people.

They refer to Everest as “Chomolungma”
“Mother Goddess of the World”

They also believe Chomolungma has become angry. There has been too much death. The mountain has been desecrated. Something must be done.

Mount Everest

One man decides to take action. To appease the God’s anger. To restore his mountain to its natural state and return serenity to his Sherpa brethren.

His name is Mingma Tsiri Sherpa. Mingma will soon undertake an expedition like no other.

It’s a dangerous, epic mission demanding heroism, spirituality, and courage. Mingma’s goal is the reconciliation of life and death.

And we need your generous support to help us succeed.

Who is Mingma?

World-renowned mountaineer Mingma Tsiri Sherpa, a devout Buddhist, had sworn off ever summitting the mountain again after the devastating earthquake of 2015 killed 21 climbers at Everest Basecamp.  But in 2019 when overcrowding causes 11 more deaths, he decides that something must be done.  Mingma is convinced Chomolungma, the “Mother Goddess of the World” as referred to by the Sherpa people, is intent on punishing them for the continued disrespect occurring on his sacred mountain.  There has been far too much death. Too much sadness.  “The mountain is angry.”

Mingma Tsiri Sherpa with Everest in background
Climbers on Mount Everest

What makes this film different from others?

Directed by Jereme Watt, Everest Dark will allow us to witness Mingma and his journey to reclaim the sacred mountain from decades of exploitation. We will see first-hand how he leads a Sherpa team charged with finding and removing dead climbers–an incredibly difficult and dangerous mission–as they risk it all in order to return the bodies to their families and complete the Buddhist cycle of life.

The Mission


In December 2020, our director, Jereme Watt along with producer Michael Bodnarchuk met with Mingma in Nepal to finalize their plans and preparations for the mission.


March – April 2021

The epic journey begins. Our team, assisted by some of the world’s most accomplished high-altitude climbers, will make the dangerous ascent up the mountain and film one of the most timely, controversial and compelling stories ever to be filmed on Everest.


May 2021

Hopes are intense. The outcome is uncertain. If Mingma’s team succeeds, the bodies will be returned to their families to receive a Buddhist funeral ceremony, thus completing the Buddhist Circle of Life and finding eternal peace. But…there are no guarantees.

Clumbers at night on Mount Everest

With unsurpassed access to the mountain, our specialized team of world-class Sherpa guides and high-altitude cinematographers will literally stare death in the face as they brave immense dangers to capture this riveting story.

Be a Witness

Follow this special expedition on social media were we will be posting regular updates on Mingma and his team’s progress.

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